Work related issues can take up much of your time and mental energy, to the point that your life can feel overshadowed by rumination and worry. It can be difficult to shut your mind off. Whether you are struggling with the daily pressures of your job, work conflict, unfulfilled career aspirations, feelings of inadequacy, or feeling stuck and wanting more out of life, I can help you sort through what’s weighing on your mind. My aim is to help you to arrive at more clarity and inner confidence.

I can help by:

  • supporting you in creating work-life balance and inner harmony through self-care practices, mindfulness, and boundary setting. We focus on arriving at perspectives that open up the broader picture of your life and that connect you to the deeper meanings of your life beyond work.
  • working with you to identifying and challenge negative or self-limiting beliefs that lead to feelings of inadequacy and anxiety, and that hold you back from your true potential.
  • offering you communication strategies for expressing needs, setting boundaries, and managing workplace conflict. 
  • assisting you in managing expectations that lead to perfectionism by helping you to connect with self-affirming thoughts and practices that foster self-compassion and realistic objectives.
  • providing guidance in helping you to cultivate a sense of inner validation rather than seeking outer validation from external sources in the workplace.
  • providing strategies for overcoming low motivation, stress, and burnout by creating a plan that focuses on calming the sensitive nervous system and bringing the mind to more balanced perspectives regarding your current situation.

If you are contemplating taking a leave from work, my aim is to:

  • help you arrive at clarity and confidence in your decisions by providing an objective, professional third-party point of view and to support you through this process.

If you are currently on a leave from work, I can help by:

  • providing you with a safe space to talk about the various emotions that you may be experiencing and help you to cope with being away from work.
  • offering you strategies for creating calmness in your mind and body so that you can attain healing and wellness during your leave from work. 
  • helping you to maximize your time away by offering you methods for self-care, self-affirming thinking, and balance in the other important aspects of your personal life. 
  • working with you to sort out your thoughts pertaining to your eventual return to work, what this means to you, how to gauge your readiness to return – and then helping to prepare you for a successful re-entry into the workplace.

Get help for workplace challenges.