If you are a nurse or a helping professional, you are likely experiencing challenges with the increasing demands of your job. You may be feeling the pressures of navigating complex dynamics between you and your colleagues, patients, families, and other staff members. Furthermore, with increasing exposures to potentially emotionally traumatic events in the healthcare environment, you may be feeling anxious, sad, fatigued, and isolated. In the absence of adequate emotional support, these feelings can spill over into your personal life, making it difficult to shut your mind off after your shifts have ended. If you are needing help with coping, you are not alone.

I offer counselling support specific to your emotional needs as you navigate the complexities of your profession. My aim is to help you to tap into your inner resilience and to offer you methods that restore your sense of confidence in your work and in managing your responses. The goal is to arrive at an overall sense of empowerment and satisfaction in both your professional and personal life.

I can help you with:

  • providing a safe space to talk about all aspects of your work; exploring difficult conflicting or confusing emotions; and working through any unspoken or unexpressed grief you may be experiencing as a nurse or helping professional.
  • managing anxiety and other distressing feelings by offering you methods to calm your nervous system down such as mindfulness, relaxation and breathing practices. If you nurture your inner landscape, you will be able to manage the outer landscape of your work with greater confidence.
  • managing interpersonal dynamics in the workplace by creating an understanding of your own emotional processes and historical behavioral patterns. It is at this point of awareness where change can happen, as you substitute old coping/survival behaviours with new adaptive ways of responding.
  • developing communication strategies for setting clear boundaries at work and personal boundaries away from work so that you can achieve more balance in both spheres of your life. 
  • preventing compassion fatigue and burnout by offering you strategies for overcoming blocks in prioritizing self-care. Nurses and helping professionals often know of the many strategies for self-care but can find it difficult to apply them in their own lives. If this is the case for you, we can explore why this is and how we can improve your success in using these important strategies regularly in your life.
  • balancing rest/recouperation with other responsibilities after shifts, thereby bringing more harmony and enrichment to your days off.

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