Life transitions are passages in the life cycle that bring about change. A life transition can be likened to the two sides of a coin. One side of a transition signifies gain as milestones are celebrated, new possibilities emerge in accordance with new opportunities, and life continues to be a progression of growth and development. The other side of the transition may signify loss at the recognition that certain things are forever changed and will never be the same. Feelings accompanying this recognition of loss may include fear, worry, stress, sadness and a lack of control in one’s life.

Whether life transitions are deemed as positive in nature (new job, new home, retirement) or unfortunate (divorce or being laid off) the aspects of both loss and gain are often present. In order to emotionally process a transition, it is important to acknowledge the sad, scary or stressful parts of the transition as well as to gradually move towards recognition of any new opportunities that may present themselves as your life is changing.

I can help you to:

  • Sort through the array of emotions associated with the bitter sweetness of both the loss and gain aspects of a life transition that you are currently working through in order to help you arrive at a more balanced perspective.
  • Identify and challenge any negative, repetitive and self-limiting thought patterns that cause you worry or anxiety or exacerbate symptoms of depression.
  • Incorporate practical tools for managing your current circumstances that have been shown to be effective in alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety, and that also improve mood.
  • Work towards reframing your situation in ways that are empowering and that give you the confidence to move through your transition with more peace of mind.
  • Explore how this transition is impactful in your life and what personal meanings may arise for you as a result of the changes you are currently experiencing.

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