Depression often brings up many emotions and issues from the past that can overlap into the present moment to an overwhelming degree. Depression can also be experienced with symptoms of anxiety. I offer you a safe space to sort through the many emotions and issues that you are currently struggling with and provide helpful information, clinically sound strategies, and resources for managing depression.

Each person responds to counselling therapy for depression in their own unique way.  Some clients prefer an emphasis on practical tips and cognitive behavioural strategies for coping with depression, whereas some benefit from insights through lots of opportunity for self-reflection. Others may be searching for meaning in their experience through spiritual exploration.  We will work together to develop an approach that includes the right balance of components that match your needs.

My aim is to help you identify and work towards your inner goals using holistic evidence-based practices that work for you in improving your emotional well-being and ultimately, your enjoyment in life.

Get help for depression.