If you are experiencing anxiety you may be feeling a pervasive sense of uneasiness, worry, fear, apprehension and/or panic. These feelings can be triggered by certain situations, but they may also be experienced as physiological symptoms or a sense of dread with no apparent trigger. Anxiety is distressing and can feel overwhelming. Choosing to embark on a counselling program is a courageous step in managing anxiety and I am here to help!

My approach to helping with anxiety incorporates:

  • Clinically sound methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Practice and the principles of Positive Psychology into a counselling plan that fits you as an individual, your situation and your needs.
  • A recognition of the mind-body connection using somatic approaches for developing awareness of anxiety within the body and using breathing/relaxation exercises to calm your system down.
  • A belief that healing comes from not only learning how to manage anxiety daily, but also from looking at what lies beneath the feelings that are causing your emotional turmoil. At a pace that is comfortable for you, I will guide you into a process of compassionate inquiry that will allow you the opportunity to reflect and become curious about the origins of the anxiety that you are experiencing.
  • A safe space for you to develop an awareness and acceptance of all aspects of yourself – including the forgotten, overlooked and difficult parts.

Get help with stress / anxiety.