You don't have to do it alone.

Whether you are working through a rough patch in your life or you are trying to manage a longstanding emotional challenge that you have carried for a while – you don’t have to do it alone.

I work with clients to promote healthy ways of relating to themselves and others with the intention of opening up the possibilities for new insights and perspectives to emerge.

Seeking counselling is a commendable step in the right direction and I am glad that you have landed at this site in your investigation into finding what is right for you.

Tamara Bainbridge

Tamara Bainbridge is a Registered Clinical Counsellor providing professional services for individuals in the Greater Victoria area. Tamara provides counselling that is relational and creative, with the option for spiritual integration within the therapeutic journey.

How I Can Help

Tools for Handling Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Overcome fear, worry and panic attacks by learning clinically proven strategies for calming your system down and gaining mental clarity.
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Coping Strategies for Depression
A compassionate and evidence-base approach to coping with depression to get you on the path of restored hope, meaning, and positive change.
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Skills for Anger Management
Understand the roots of your anger and learn ways of expressing it constructively.
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Regulating Emotions
Acquire more stability in your relationships by learning strategies for navigating your emotions.
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Moving Through Life Transitions
Learn how to move through change and uncertainty with a balanced perspective.
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Take the first step.

The journey to deeper self-awareness and healing is admirable and can create impactful changes in your life. If you are considering a counselling program, I encourage you to take the first step and contact me.  Confidentiality is assured in the manner of all services provided.